The office of the Deputy Principal is mandated to ensure full implementation of curriculum as per the ministry’s guidelines.

Belgut Technical and Vocational College have six departments which are fully functional. These include Fashion and Design

 Information communication Technology

Electrical  Engineering

Building Technology




Food and Beverage.

The Institute is the centre of excellence in Fashion and design in TVET. We have a fully equipped state of the art modern machines and equipment for learning.

The existing infrastructure will enable the trainees to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge which will prepare them to meet the challenges in the market. The centre was also given a mandate to produce Hand wash sanitizers to help in the fight against the Pandemic the centre is also blessed to produce re-useable face masks which are to the standard required by world health organization. We are also in the process of producing hand wash detergents.

The environment is conducive to learning. The community benefits from the institute by getting face masks and sanitizers. The institute gets full support from Belgut Constituency through the payment of trainee’s fees and the construction of the infrastructure.

The institute is well fenced, and easily accessible.

welcome to Belgut Technical to get the skills your require in your life.