Building Technology

The Building Construction sector forms an integral part of our Kenyan economy. It is for this reason that Belgut TTI under the department of Building and Civil engineering saw it wise to offer the course, therefore the department has begun its journey with the following courses;

  • Artisan in Building Technology
  • Artisan in Plumbing Technology
  • Craft in Building Technology
  • Craft in Plumbing Technology

These trade areas are essential in the process of building construction. They focus on actual construction of all low to high rise buildings and installation and maintenance of key plumbing services required for proper functionality of houses. Beside classwork, our students are exposed to practical hands-on experience throughout their training programs. These therefore gives them confidence while undertaking their duties and when solving real life challenges.

Our students, having acquired the requisite skills and attitudes, can secure vacancies at both private and public entities especially construction companies, water supply, and sanitation companies, learning institutions, government agencies, industries, health facilities among others. Apart from these formal employments, the students can employ themselves by registering their own companies related to their trades and apply for available contracts.

We, therefore, urge the public and any interested candidates to embrace these available opportunities by coming to train at Belgut TVC and see their dreams and aspirations come to reality.

Once again welcome to Belgut TTI

J. Kennedy