Fashion and Design

Belgut Technical Training Institute being a centre of excellence in Fashion and Design means it is equipped with the most modern equipment which enables trainees to be immersed in what is happening in the fast-changing field.
Trainees are taught the fundamentals of professional draping, pattern making, fabric coloration, sewing techniques, and computer aided designs (CAD) and much more. All these nurtures creativity while providing a rigorous grounding in the practical and technical skills needed for career success, exposing trainees to the real demands and practices of Fashion World

Fashion design department is the center of excellence in boosting of state of the art modern equipment
Fashion design department has started a production unit

The department of Fashion design offers a three modules diploma certificate; two modules craft certificate and a one-year artisan certificate. These work integrated modules give important experience for self-employment and ensures competitive edge in the job market after finishing studies.
Trainees take various units such as; pattern construction, mass production and pattern grading, workshop organization management, fabric coloration, clothing construction, art and design, embroidery, research methods and project development, fashion marketing, information communication technology, computer aided design, entrepreneurship and many more.

These units help the trainees to conduct basic research, analyze and implement systems and policies and combine a wide range of clothing related technological knowledge, skills, desired attitudes and experience in a specialized area of clothing technology.
The programs offered equip trainees for careers in various technical, business and management positions in both the manufacturing and retail sectors of the clothing industry.
The fashion design department provides an excellent academic starting point for careers that use creative and technical skills in this sector of the economy. Some of the careers include;

  • Production managers
  • Fabric technologists
  • Work study officers
  • Garment technologists
  • Quality control managers
  • Fashion and textiles sales people
  • Dye house managers
  • Fashion merchandisers
  • Structural textile designers
  • Retail managers
  • Pattern makers
  • Visual merchandisers
  • CAD operators
  • Entrepreneur/ free lancer
  • Lecturer/trainer and research assistant
  • Fashion stylists

All the above career paths are possible once a trainee is dedicated, committed and motivated. Trainees are assured hands on experience at the institution, at factories and other places of work.

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